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October 05 2017

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October 04 2017



Stinky feet? Soak them 30 mins a day for a week in this mix. Boil a pint of water, steep 2 bags black tea, add cool water and soak.


Shape Up Your Eyebrows: Useful Threading Tips


Eyebrows play an important role in heightening the beauty of eyes. Perfect eyebrows almost transcend the beauty of the face and make an immediate visible impact in a makeover session. The most coveted eyebrow shape is the one that starts directly above the inner corner of the eye, while its highest point is little beyond the outer corner of the iris. Plucking or threading should start with a point near nose and end towards the outer end of eyes. First pluck the hair on sides, then come to the middle lower part. It ensures a good curve; Eyebrows should not be too bushy. They should be thick in the middle and thin and bent at the ends.<!-- more -->

A drop or two of oil, rubbed gently gives them luster. Eyebrow Threading is an all natural alternative to waxing and plucking. Perfect eyebrows almost transcend the beauty of the face and make an immediate visible impact in a makeover session. One of the best features of threading is that it is suitable for even skin that is too sensitive for laser hair removal or waxing. Eyebrow threading is a practice of shaping the eyebrows using a thread. The eyebrow threading is doing for the good looking of face.

Eyebrow threading has sure as great as pleasing results. These formula embody cleanser as great as straighter lines, offset facial facilities as great as mostly lift a eyes. Eyebrow threading is really accurate for an eyebrow figure which frames your face. It is ordinarily practised by women in India as great as a Middle East. They operate a pristine string thread. They in all turn a hair as great as threading pulls out a total quarrel of hair, as against to tweezing where usually a singular single hair is pulled out. Other benefits to eyebrow threading is no allergic reactions such as rashes, no chemicals have been involved, it is a great technique for people with supportive skin as great as a tip layers of skin have been not shop-worn when regulating this technique.

Benefits of Eyebrow Threading

For those who have discovered eyebrow threading, it has easily become their preferred method of hair removal. The process is very accurate and can remove a clean line of hair in one pull, or individual hairs to get the precise eyebrow shape you desire.

Eyebrow threading is the best alternative to waxing, tweezing and using creams for people with sensitive skin. Waxing removes a layer of skin which causes skin irritation and may cause wrinkles with continuous treatments. It is also suitable for individuals who are on Retin A and Accutane, or who have recently had a chemical peel.

Waxing and tweezing make facial hair grow back thicker and faster.

Unlike other hair removal methods, you can have your eyebrows re-threaded as soon hair grows above the surface of the skin.

Other hair removal methods use hot wax, harsh chemicals or expensive brow tweezers. Eyebrow threading requires a single piece of twisted cotton thread, thus making it a cheap and safe alternative.

Tips for Eyebrow Threading

Here are some simple tips to tame your brows:

  • Spray a little hair spray on your brows and brush them using your toothbrush to keep them in place.
  • Eyebrows slanting upwards make you look angry, so be careful not to take off too much at the outer corners.
  • If your brows are sparse, use a freshly sharpened brow pencil to fill in the areas with light, quick strokes.
  • It is important to use the correct shade for your brows. Fair women can use blonde shades while olive colored women should choose tawny or brown.
  • In case, you have over tweezed certain brow area, try to fill the patch using brow shadow, applying in the direction of the hair growth.
  • Eye shadow gives more natural look to your brows than an eyebrow pencil.
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October 03 2017

How do conditioners make hair shiny?
You have the right idea when you say that polymer ingredients reflect light to make hair shiny. Actually what happens is the ingredients smooth the cuticle of the hair. (Remember the cuticle is made of tiny shingle-like structures like the ones you find on your roof.) When these “shingles” become loose and start to stick up they cause light to reflect unevenly from your hair. This uneven reflection makes your hair look dull. Smoothing the cuticles allows light to reflect evenly which makes it look shiny. Which ingredients increase shine? The shine increasing ingredients are the ones that do the best job of smoothing the cuticle. Here are few types of ingredients to look for:
-Silicones: These are are excellent conditioners even though they receive a lot of bad press. Dimethicone is one of the best for smoothing the cuticle. Look for ingredients that end in “-cone” or check this list of Silicone Ingredients Used In Hair Care Products for more details.
-Fatty conditioners: These “quats,” like stearalkonium chloride, are good at lubricating hair as well. Look for ingredients that end in “-ium chloride.”
-Oils: Mineral oil, meadow foam seed oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, are good shine enhancers. These work best from leave in products because the oils are not chemically modified to stay on your hair after rinsing.
Why Do Conditioners Make Hair Shiny?
I define nothing. Not beauty, not patriotism. I take each thing as it is, without prior rules about what it should be.
Bob Dylan

August 12 2017

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August 06 2017

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July 31 2017

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July 30 2017

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July 29 2017

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