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May 23 2017

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Blend a shimmering lavender gray shadow across your brow bone and your lower lash line for a feminine highlight to a blue violet smoky eye. This icy pastel look injects a fresh dose of spring into your everyday look and is a great flirty option for date night. Just remember not to overwhelm your face with color and keep your lips simple with a peachy nude gloss or lipstick.

(via Lovely Lilac Eyes | Beautylish)

May 22 2017

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May 21 2017

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The cherry blossom girl on We Heart It. http://weheartit.com/entry/21329252

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The cherry blossom girl on We Heart It. http://weheartit.com/entry/21361378

May 20 2017


Curls on the Catwalk

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By Cassidy Blackwell

The spotlight is on texture in the fashion industry, and we don’t mean tweeds, wools and ruching. Curls, kinks and waves are front and center on the runway this season.

<!-- more -->Sleek, flat locks are a thing of the past on the runway as fashion designers and hair stylists draw inspiration from the textured-hair revolution taking place around the world. Together, they have resurrected the art of the curl and are putting it center stage in fashion shows everywhere.

The versatility of texture provides stylists with an infinite amount of creative possibilities for designing high-drama, high fashion, haute couture hair to complement the equally dramatic clothing created by renowned designers.

“Rather than sleek, straightened hair, what we’re seeing more and more of in fashion is a celebration and enhancement of texture,”says runway and celebrity stylist Danilo.

Consumer Influence

The fashion industry draws its inspiration not only from other cultures and eras, but also from what’s happening on urban streets. Tammy Mixon of Farouk’s Global Artistic Board says she has noticed more consumer awareness of the damaging potential of double processing hair.

“We’re seeing more coloring, and as a result, less straightening treatments, so naturally there has been a reemergence of textured hair,”says Mixon.

Additionally, via websites geared toward textured hair like naturallycurly. com, and a wide network of curly-haired bloggers and vloggers, there has also been a large increase in consumer education of how to work with and wear natural texture.

“That’s the beauty of having an educated population: a multi-textured world,” says Anthony Dickey, lead stylist and founder of Hair Rules.

As the number of people wearing naturally textured hair increases, designers are picking up on this global trend and incorporating texture into their runway presentations.

“I think designers are also finding inspiration in models who are unapologetically sporting their natural hair,” says Dickey. “By incorporating naturally existing textures into their runway shows, designers create a more distinctive and authentic presentation to complement their unique aesthetics.”

On the Runway

Textured hair on the runway comes in a wide variety of forms depending on the designer’s overall concept. From loose waves to tightly kinked afros, stylists are exploring all options.

“This year we were seeing a lot of what we call ‘third-day hair,’” says Cutler salon stylist Mike Martinez. “It’s big, loose natural waves that create a sort of undone look.”

Another popular look is created from tighter curls that have been deconstructed for a voluminous look with a lot of movement. “This is a style I want to see more of,” says Mixon. “The bigger the better!”

Frizz has also become a fashionforerunner, according to Danilo: “I love the drama of frizz. It’s got a really playful structure.”

Working with a model’s hair texture, whether it’s frizz or flat, is becoming a popular method for runway stylists. Carlos Fernandez of LuxeLab, who is known for his innovative work in enhancing texture for runway shows, likes to adapt a model’s hair texture to the runway concept.

“If a look is straight with a deep side part, but a model has super kinky hair, I won’t necessarily blow the hair straight, but I will work to enhance the natural texture and incorporate the deep side part. It looks better on the model and is less work for the stylist,” he says.

However, texture isn’t always seen in variations of curls and waves, it’s also seen in the introduction of braids, twists, buns, knots and crimped pieces to the hair.

“Texture is about adding a bit of intrigue to the hair,” says Martinez. “It’s taking the extra step to add a bit of drama where the audience least expects it. That’s where you go from a normal salon style to a runway style.”

Mixon also noted that it’s rare to see a runway show without incorporating extensions into the looks: “Hair has to be exaggerated because it’s on stage,” she says.

Rising to the Challenge

Despite the growing popularity of texture on the runway, there still exists a lack of industry knowledge in working with curls.

“I learned how to work with textured hair because I am passionate about it and pursued working with texture on my own,” says Fashion Week stylist Jennifer Lord of Naturally Me! Salon in Baltimore. “It’s not something taught in cosmetology school.”

Behind the scenes of the Spring 2012 shows in Paris, model Jourdan Dunn tweeted her frustrations with lack of stylist knowledge in working with her texture.

“It’s so surprising to fi nd yourself at a show being styled by a stylist who knows how to work with my hair,” says model Nikia Phoenix.“I refuse to have my hair straightened anymore and I bring my own products because I’ve found I know texture better than most stylists. I keep my hair short because with less hair, there’s less risk of a stylist damaging my hair.”

What’s Next

With advancements in product formulations and tools, stylists are now equipped better than ever to create innovative, high-fashion, high-drama, haute-couture textured hair.

“Today we’re at the intersection of fashion and science,” says Danilo. “We have biological needs that science is helping to bring to the public.”

Because of that, interpretation of the word texture is going to be diverse: glam texture, ethnic texture, natural texture, manufactured texture and more. In the upcoming seasons, a return of vintage styling techniques such as setting, pin curls, plaiting, bouffant and fi nger waves combined with modern innovations in coloring and extensions will be the next wave in runway texture.

“The future is both a return to classic and natural techniques and hightech processes,” says Danilo. “Fashion is an opportunity to create a feeling, a vibe, a spirit.”

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May 19 2017

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May 18 2017


Makeup That Makes Dark Skin Glow: Helpful Guidelines


For getting a perfect makeup base, skin care is very important. Besides cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing the skin on regular basis it is also very important to choose the hues and colors for makeup with great care. Always make it sure to opt for the shades that match with your skin tone and can define your features properly. Nowadays everyone wants a glowing skin regardless of their complexion. Dark skinned people may also get glowing skin through makeup.<!-- more -->

Prep First

Before you apply makeup that makes dark skin glow, you need to prep first. Good skin is the best foundation. You should practice a regular skincare routine that works with your particular skin type. You should also follow a healthy eating plan and drink plenty of water. Great complexions begin on the inside. The more you take care of what goes into your body, the less makeup you’ll have to apply to achieve a glowing look.

After your skin is cleansed, apply a moisturizer–yes, even if you have oily skin. Moisturizer helps your makeup go on evenly.

Gold and Bronze

Hard hues like gold and bronze are the perfect matches of dark complexions during summer season that’s why the pro makeup artists advise the use of these shades while applying makeup for in the hot season.

These glittery hues can also be used for bronzers, eye shadows and blush; they can emphasize every feature of your face due to its universality. Make it sure not to cover up your face with these makeup products rather apply them moderately. Highlight best features of your face using golden and bronze shades.

In case of bronzer, apply it on the cheekbones using a makeup brush heading upwards to make your face look long. If you have chosen the same shade for eye makeup as well, apply the shades to your eyelids and finally give last touch to your makeup by applying lighter shades of the same color on the border and inner corner of the lids.


One of the mostly debated controversies of makeup refer to the use of both peachy and rosy tones in the case of emphasizing these complexion tones. Indeed some might not be as confident as to experiment with both and might stick only to peachy shades. However it is indeed a misconception as pro makeup gurus claim that pink can be just as fabulous when applied properly.

All you have to do is keep an eye on undertones, therefore choose the pink shades that have a tint of gold or shimmer if you have a warm skin tone. Those that have a dark complexion that belongs to the cool tone group should look for pink that tends towards the purple or blue. Use this color when thinking of purchasing the most voguish blush, eye shadow and also lip gloss and lipstick products. Apply them similarly to peachy shades for the overwhelming effect.


Peachy lips and cheeks are some of the newest and most fab trends in makeup. Dark skin matches the base shade and would look mesmerizing when highlighted with the endless shades of this tone. Apply it to the lips if you would like to bring out the kissable allure of this spot. Choose from the darker as well as pastel and less shimmery tones. The darker the skin tone the darker it should be preserve the natural effect of your makeup.For a contrasting impression proceed in the reversed manner.

Cheeks are also perfectly accentuated with the help of peachy blush. Make sure you skip placing it onto the apple of your cheeks. Instead make it for the cheekbones and proceed upwards towards the hairline and make it as prominent as you wish. Use the proper texture in the case of sensitive skin creamy textures whereas oils complexions would look stunning with liquid blush.Pair it both to skin type as well as the various shades of dark skin.

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May 17 2017

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May 16 2017

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May 15 2017

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May 14 2017

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A big “Happy Mother’s Day” to all the #mothers out there from Royal Quartz


May 13 2017

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